Shinedown are back with a brand new song called “Planet Zero,” and they’ve also announced their upcoming seventh studio album of the same name, which will be out this spring.

Compared to the tracks on their previous album ATTENTION ATTENTION, “Planet Zero” is much more stripped down in terms of sound. It’s loud and bursting with energy, but lacks the cinematic nature of the songs on the last record — which Brent Smith confirmed would be the case. The frontman had also teased that the new record will be controversial, and this song definitely touches upon some themes that are sure to get the wheels turning.

“If we shut each other down and allow ourselves to be divided by the information we consume and the way we talk to each other, we lose our humanity. When you look outside of your phone, you’ll see there are so many people doing good things and trying to take care of each other. But we’re starting to see parts of society slip into an unknown,” Smith said of the album in a press release.

Planet Zero was written for all of us. The fact is that we’re all here on this planet no matter what, so it’s time to actually move forward together with empathy, perseverance and strength. With that said…. welcome to Planet Zero.”

The record will be out April 22 via Atlantic Records — pre-order it here now.

Source: Loudwire

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