On April 1, Red Hot Chili Peppers will release their 17-track new album, Unlimited Love. For now, however, fans can hang tight and listen to “Poster Child,” the second single from the new record which name-checks a heap of ’70s icons, including Judas PriestMotorhead and Led Zeppelin.

With “Black Summer,” the previous single, the Chili Peppers dished out a soothing four-minute offering of light bass lines and delicate chords backed by a shuffling beat before moving into a bit more of an energetic chorus. On “Poster Child,” the chill vibes continue with funk-driven passages and choppy, syllabic cadences from singer Anthony Kiedis, whose lyrics are an ode not only to some of the greatest rock artists of the ’70s and early ’80s (Richard Hell, Adam Ant, Thin Lizzy, Parliament, Billy Idol) but other culturally relevant figures, places and events.

Unlimited Love will be the 12th album from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and it’s the first with guitarist John Frusciante, who rejoined in place of Josh Klinghoffer in 2019, since 2006’s double album, Stadium Arcadium.

The release of Unlimited Love will end a six year studio drought stretching back to 2016’s The Getaway and it’s likely fans will not have to endure another lengthy wait for new material as the band is already working on the successor to this record. “We’re gonna put out music by the handful. Literally. Don’t be surprised if another wheelbarrow of songs comes your way in the near future. … We have a lot of shit to turn people onto,” Kiedis told NME recently.

Source: Loudwire

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