Ghost is currently headlining a tour with Volbeat, and it kicked off on January 25 in Reno, NV. Not only did they preformed their previously released new single “Hunter’s Moon” for the first time, they did a cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” and they performed the unreleased “Impera” song, “Kaisarion.” 

The band actually kicked off the tour with this unreleased song, which is pretty bold as nobody has ever heard it before. Ghost began with an intro tape of “Imperium” which is the under two minute opening track from their upcoming album. This then went into the live version of “Kaisarion” which is actually also right after “Imperium” on the album’s track listing. 

The band were also wearing new digs, including a diving helmet, but instead of the usual singular viewing lens your typical diving helmets have, this one had two eye sockets on the front. They also had an ornamental shoulder piece which looked like a military jacket from centuries ago.

Source: Loudwire

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