The crew over at Butcher Box has put together a handy video to help boost your beef knowledge over the summer. Highlights worth taking in include:

  • The eye-round is used for roast beef, cooked medium rare.
  • Tri-tip is great smoked, BBQ-style.
  • A bavette cut can be cooked “hot and fast” for tons of flavor as a bistro steak.
  • The short loin is “crazy tender” – buttery, rich. You can cook the whole loin or in pieces as filet mignon.
  • Yes, the bone from “luxury steaks” like porterhouse and stripe steaks does add flavor.
  • Ribeye – The fat, when cooked properly, should melt in your mouth.
  • The flat iron comes from a section between two muscles, can be cooked fast and hot.

In addition, there are plenty of tips as to which cuts are prime for grilling, pan searing, or broiling. Check out the video!

Source: BroBible

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